What items to sell and not to sell as an online Dropshipper

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What items to sell and not to sell on eBay as a Dropshipper.

  1. Seasonal products. Dropshippers have the advantage of great “inventory” versatility. Use this by listing or removing seasonal items. Although it is time consuming, most times it pays out because you come to cover a high-demand-low-competition niche in a small period of time.
  2. Items that have low return rate e.g. inexpensive, durable, simple to assemble and/or use
  3. That you can’t easily estimate their cost, e.g. Furniture, Decor, Toys, Art, jewelry,Gadgets, Sets, lots & Bundles
  4. Items that you can’t easily describe or describe with many different words. For example a 3d hallucination gadget could be described as a gift for birthday, a toy for teen boys, a home decor, a night lamp etc. (You can even list the same item a lot of times, modifying its main keywords, title, description, Photos, UPC etc)
  5. Items with no brand on their photos/that can be modified (e.g. mirrored or zoom & cropped)
  6. Items that can’t easily be sent from China, or have low China competition seem to work for me, e.g. Patio sets and beds.
Don’t sell:
  1. High return ratio: electronics, clothes, fragile
  2. Hazardous items, knives (cutlery word=better) , weapons, gambling etc
  3. Careful with the branded/UPCs/images. Veroed items can get you in troubles.
Of course these are just some generic guidelines, it doesn’t mean they should always be followed.

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