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Tips for dropshipping

eBay Managed Payments Funds Hold and MC011


My personal experience transitioning from PayPal to eBay Managed Payments as European seller on eΒ   Payouts withheld: Once eBay Managed Payments became mandatory, I attached and verified my Payoneer bank account for payouts. After a while, on July 9th, I got a payout withhold without prior notice and a message that was requesting for […]

Tips & tricks for dropshipping


Get more sales, easier and safer. Tips, tricks & details for dropshipping: Some tips of this list are for beginners while others are for more advanced dropshippers. Also this list mostly focuses on eBay retail dropshipping.   We mostly sell keywords. Understanding what that means, will convert into sales. It’s better not to show your account […]

eBay’s Dropshippers Flag. True or myth? Learn and earn

ebay 587 flag

“Failure is an opportunity in disguise” This is an article regarding the so-called eBay’s April flag (coded 587), its relation to retail dropshipping / Online Arbitrage and some data that have been collected since this started. Here’s what happened: On April 19-28, many -mostly eBay dropshipping accounts (as well as some conventional) saw an abrupt […]

Dropshipping: What You Need To Know About It


First and foremost, what is dropshipping? Dropshipping can be defined as a retail fulfillment method whereby you are allowed to sell a product and have the product shipped directly to your customers without you seeing or even handling the products. The result of this is that, unlike other traditional e-commerce models, you don’t need to […]

eBay Sourcing Guidance Tool. Have you ever explored its potential?

eBay sourcing guidance

eBay Sourcing Guidance Tool Discover its potential You better not underestimate what eBay Sourcing Guidance Tool has to offer. This (not-so-well-marketed) metrics tool is specialised in sourcing items that eBay itself offers. You can try it for free in your Seller Hub>Growth>Sourcing Guidance Tab. These metrics come directly from eBay and -especially- if you know […]

A simple trick to spot Aliexpress Friendly Suppliers

Aliexpress dropshipping friendly

Here’s a quick tip to easily spot suppliers that actually want you to dropship them: Just go to search bar and write a general keyword along with the word “Dropshipping” (or dropship/drop shipping etc) e.g. “Pet accessories dropshipping” And voila! Many suppliers have tagged their listings with the dropshipping keyword. Apart from the fact that […]

eBay account blocked? Can probably be unblocked…


I see more and more people complaining they got their eBay accounts restricted. However most of the times eBay account flagging/ban/restrictions are temporary and in many cases you have the right to appeal. Sometimes we can even expedite the restriction lift. That said, the severity a restriction or suspension is depended on what is the […]

Amazon has created Human intelligence web service instead of AI


As Amazon claims, there are still many things that human beings can do much more effectively than computers, such as identifying objects in a photo or video, performing data de-duplication, transcribing audio recordings or researching data details. That’s why they created MTurk web service. This could indicate that they could rely on this or similar […]

eBay Feedbacks: Get As Much Possible, Remove All Negatives


Although Feedback isn’t an important factor for Seller’s Ranking, it’s important to try and get as many as we can from our customers, diminish chances of getting negatives (often followed by defects) and be able to remove any of them. Also depending of the parameters of each particular case of a negative feedback, a seller should […]

2018 Spring Seller Update official video

Spring Seller Update

Meeting buyers expectations with a product-based shopping experience, and tools to simplify selling and support your growth. Product-based shopping experience—critical to your success Soon eBay will turn from listing based to product based experience. This will massively affect both buyers and sellers. As dropshippers we must get prepared accordingly so we can adapt. eBay will […]

VAT: businesses that sell goods in the UK using online marketplaces

(Brought to you by George Karamal and eBay Dropshipping Community) Learn what you must do to meet your UK VAT responsibilities if you sell goods in the UK on an online marketplace and are either: a UK seller selling goods already in the UK at the point of sale to UK consumers an overseas seller, […]

Listings Description DS Policy Samples


Some Policy samples to put in your description. Please note that these are for reference only, just to get a glimpse. It’s better to stand out by making your own depending on your location/activity/trending policies etc.: Important: eBay doesn’t like policies in description at all. My opinion is to put just some few clarifications that […]

Aliexpress Shipping eBay Business Policies mini Guide (China)


Hello eBay dropshippers, Mostly because of the imminent eBay’s policies updates and after watching a recent Nahar’s (creator of the Zikanalytics) webinar regarding, I’ve decided to work more with the Chinese side. These are some thoughts of mine and a mini Chinese suppliers/shipping guide I made for my VAs and I’d like to share. So […]

Fixed Messages: Ideas on what to write in various occasions/tricky situations.


Hello, these are messages we’ve collected and are for reference only. The intention is to inspire you create yours, depending of the situation. Most of the times, it’s best to keep the message as simple as possible… When you get OUT OF STOCK : 1. Hello! We are still in the process of trying to […]

What items to sell and not to sell as an online Dropshipper

what products-to-sell

What items to sell and not to sell on eBay as a Dropshipper. Sell: Seasonal products. Dropshippers have the advantage of great “inventory” versatility. Use this by listing or removing seasonal items. Although it is time consuming, most times it pays out because you come to cover a high-demand-low-competition niche in a small period of […]