eBay Sourcing Guidance Tool. Have you ever explored its potential?

eBay sourcing guidance

eBay Sourcing Guidance Tool


Discover its potential

You better not underestimate what eBay Sourcing Guidance Tool has to offer. This (not-so-well-marketed) metrics tool is specialised in sourcing items that eBay itself offers.
You can try it for free in your Seller Hub>Growth>Sourcing Guidance Tab.
These metrics come directly from eBay and -especially- if you know how to use it and where to look at, it becomes a powerful and reliable tool.

Pay attention to the seasonality, growth opportunity scores and Top combinations! “Play” with the pre-set selections to discover which items have great potential in the following days and find one of your own to sell, as close to these criteria.
While you analyze the data, you can also combine the information given about the average prices: Get a better “image” of the average prices of a specific niche, as well as at which price-group a specific product sells better. eBay ranks better items within their price groups, while values that exceed the threshold of higher AND lower-than-average group prices may result to less rank points in the best results match.
So you can find the trending items and at which price groups to list them.
When you decide which product/s to list, make sure you bring in a “unique” item or cheapest price item of all the other same items, so you beat the competition!
Check how it works

Now you ‘ll say “is this tool alone enough for market research?”

It really depends on how you want to do your work, but as a rule of thumb the more you “dig into”, the more tools you ‘ll discover you need. Zik Analytics is one of the most trending many-stuff-in-one research tools, but you can also check for more tools with specific market research methods, in DSComparison’s Tools section

Now go ahead and try eBay Sourcing Guidance Tool without fear ( mostly because it’s free! :-p )

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