A simple trick to spot Aliexpress Friendly Suppliers

Aliexpress dropshipping friendly

Here’s a quick tip to easily spot suppliers that actually want you to dropship them:
Just go to search bar and write a general keyword along with the word “Dropshipping” (or dropship/drop shipping etc) e.g. “Pet accessories dropshipping”

And voila! Many suppliers have tagged their listings with the dropshipping keyword. Apart from the fact that they’ll agree for a DS collaboration, they’ll probably have more experience regarding.

Since you know they accept dropship, try asking them questions like:

1. Can you send without invoice?
2. Are you the manufacturer?
3. Can you take pictures of the products so I make unique listings?
4. Can you do “Private Label”?
5. Can you make better prices?
6. Do you also have warehouses in another country?
7. Handling time?

(After selecting products, make sure you set up your eBay China Shipping Policies properly. Additionally, ask for Supplier’s exact warehouse/item/return location so you can set the same into your listing.)


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