eBay account blocked? Can probably be unblocked…


I see more and more people complaining they got their eBay accounts restricted. However most of the times eBay account flagging/ban/restrictions are temporary and in many cases you have the right to appeal. Sometimes we can even expedite the restriction lift. That said, the severity a restriction or suspension is depended on what is the issue. Many times I see restrictions because of 1. inappropriate dropshipping practice, 2. inadequate proof of ID/Address. (Here are the policies and other reasons why you could get flagged) and/or 3. VERO violation.

Here are some suggestions on how to handle it. (Important: These tips are just personal opinions on how to cope with these issues nowadays. Use them at your own risk.)

For situations 1 and 2: although eBay ALLOWS dropshipping per its policies, they don’t allow specific types of dropshipping practices. (Lately eBay has introduced some even stricter rules and less vague rules regarding. Make sure you learn all of it’s policies regarding and try to follow them.) eBay makes scans, -especially to the newer accounts- and checks if the sellers comply with the rules and that’s a common reason why an eBay account may be banned. If you get suspended because of this, you can still reinstate your account, even if the notification seems it’s about a permanent ban. In this case, most of the times -among other things- the trickiest thing eBay will ask for, is proof of suppliers mutual agreements (invoices).If you don’t provide them, there is a big chance they won’t get your account restored. Instead you can say you are a member of a product sourcing platform (that is popular/acceptable by eBay. Such example is productsourcing.com) and that’s why you can’t generate invoices.
Most of the times, it’s best to make a call instead of sending emails or chatting. Even if they ask for Docs upload, try calling prior sending them via email. If you don’t manage to reinstate your account with an agent, hang up and keep calling/trying until someone will do.
Tips: Try not to mention that you were dropshipping from retail marketplaces (if you did). In general replace the word “dropshipping” with “product sourcing”. They might also make questions regarding your suppliers and niche. Try to give vague answers. They will not insist asking specifically. If they reinstate the account, they will tell you what you have done wrong and read you a fixed guidelines text.

You can write something like this:


For situation 3: Here’s an article from a source I’ve heard it’s good. But I’ve never used it myself.

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