2018 Spring Seller Update official video

Spring Seller Update

Meeting buyers expectations with a product-based shopping experience, and tools to simplify selling and support your growth.

Product-based shopping experience—critical to your success

Soon eBay will turn from listing based to product based experience. This will massively affect both buyers and sellers. As dropshippers we must get prepared accordingly so we can adapt.
eBay will force listings to be registered in an already products catalogue and that probably means we won’t be able to “camouflage” the listings as easily -or with the same methods- anymore.
So now if we don’t have a competitive price, we will probably don’t want to be grouped with other listings of the same product, because we will not be shown first in the “buy box”. One way to adapt could be to try and get more unique items, as well as Setting other than industrial UPC/EANs
Also new eBay’s Returns policies suggestions mean that maybe we should consider abiding by them.
Introduction is explained to this official video.
But all eBay sellers should also read this URL regarding:

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