eBay Feedbacks: Get As Much Possible, Remove All Negatives



Although Feedback isn’t an important factor for Seller’s Ranking, it’s important to try and get as many as we can from our customers, diminish chances of getting negatives (often followed by defects) and be able to remove any of them.
Also depending of the parameters of each particular case of a negative feedback, a seller should act accordingly. There are even some cases, where negatives are being removed automatically (e.g. if you upload a tracking number showing as “delivered” in an undelivered case) so this article refers to some basic knowledge regarding. Usually a seller after a while, combining some basic knowledge with experience and common sense, is able to effectively resolve any feedback issues.
In any case, the more feedback score you have, the less your overall percentage score will decrease . That’s why you should consider selecting trustworthy suppliers until you get enough feedbacks.

So here are just some tips on keeping your account healthy as regards the feedback part:

1. Increase chances to be getting more feedback:

1) Set automated message responses from your store’s rules. Set to auto-leave positive random feedback to each customer.
2) In your listings Template description, let the customer know/remind them how important for you is to get a (5 star) feedback etc.
3) You’ll definitely see a fair boost to your feedback count, if you deliver faster than the customer expects to get it.


2. Reduce Chances of Receiving Negative Feedbacks:

1) Make “as described” listings and in general don’t promise something more than you can offer to the customer.
2) Try to reduce shipping times and/or send with tracking number and be punctual to your handling/delivery times. (This way, even if they leave a negative regarding, it will be much easier to delete it)
If you message with the customer, most of the times you can see the negative coming. Act in a way to reduce this chance, e.g. by offering a partial refund or by indirectly “blaming” someone else, e.g. technical issues, weather, carrier etc. Especially feedback extortion policy, can be “bent and stretched” to your favour. Learn how to use it. In many cases, a complaining customer will extort throughout his messages. When they do, you win. In some occasions, if you see a customer e.g. complaining a lot and you “see the negative coming” and hasn’t yet extorted you, a good strategy is to try and “motivate” him to extort you. For example try to politely “poke” him indirectly showing him that you are “afraid of his negative feedback option power” or with questions like “Since you don’t agree with any of our solutions, then how do you thing/what else can you do to satisfy your demands?”


3. Remove any Negative Feedbacks: Most of the times, all negative feedbacks can be removed. Here’s some ways to do it:

1) After receiving the “-” I suggest you not to go for feedback revision immediately, because these revisions have limited quantity per year. Instead, send them a message pleading them to change their feedback (Important: Include “simple steps” guidance and URL on how to revise their feedback so you make it easier for them) and try to satisfy them with a mutual agreement. E.g. offer them free return. If they agree to any of your offers, then it will be easily removable by eBay, even if the customer does not remove it by himself!  If this attempt fails, the next step is to also try by sending them the feedback revision form.  If this approach also fails, call eBay (Appeals department is more authorised=likely to help you) and explain that you have tried for compensation and sent the revision form, but buyer was unresponsive. As always, if they don’t remove it, hang up and call again or you can also try chatting with UK eBay as it has been “said” that sometimes they remove them more easily.
2) Learn eBay’s policies regarding feedback very well. This way you will be able to know how to act for removing them.
Examples: a.) If they leave negative because they didn’t like the item, or for poor item quality, you can try to remove by claiming that “This feedback is about the item itself and not for the seller/service.” b.) If they leave negative for item not received and you have proof of delivery, ask them to open an item not received request and you upload the tracking number. Then call eBay and close it in your favour. Then ask for the negative to be removed. c.)As mentioned, if “-” left after extortion=Win


Sample “Let-Us-Fix-It-For-Your-Feedback-Revision” message:


Hello there/Name,

We’re really sorry (and embarrassed?) we could not meet your expectations regarding this product.
Could you please consider giving us a chance to make things right (for you)?
If for any reason you didn’t like our product, you can always return it for free (within the return date window e.g. 30 days). We will try to make it as hassle-free as possible for you.
Additionally, in an effort for compensation we offer you a discount of up to 15% to (most/category of) our products for your next purchase.

As a small family business, we depend on eBay’s feedback score to be able to survive the competition in this marketplace.
That is why we implore you to consider revising your negative feedback as this is very important to us.
In case you would like to revise it, you can do it by following this link: https://www.ebay.com/help/buying/leaving-feedback-sellers/viewing-changing-feedback?id=4031
Thank you for your understanding and we ‘re truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,
Martha Vourtsi,
Ksanthopulos LLC


In conclusion:  As a general rule, try to make the buyer revise it. If he doesn’t, you seek and find a rule or an irregularity to his complaint or blame someone else (e.g. item was delivered late because of the shipping service). Also keep in mind that there are grey lines in the protocol and each appeals department agent is called to play the judge and evaluate the situation. If you don’t achieve your goal with the first try, call again until you do.

Don’t act unethical. Don’t forget how much we love our customers ♥ and we just try to play by eBay’s rules and at the same time be protected from scammers. In general eBay is fair so at the end of the day, if you are also fair and polite and don’t try to lie, but instead being a diplomat that knows the policies, you increase your chances of winning.



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